That’s just Prime

Started watching Transformers Prime the other day. Not sure why; can’t say it’s bad, though. I mean, they’re yet again giving us Optimouth Prime, and he’s creepy as all get out until you get used to him, but I actually really dig most of the character designs (do want Prime Arcee; have to wait until October!). It’s like they took what Michael Bay did to the series and scaled back the suck; Bumblebee is a great example of this. The humans are of course annoying, and there’s comedy, but all the action has been really awesome, even if the plots are greared entirely towards kids. I am, however, well aware that Transformers shows tend to need a season to find themselves before they get really good, so I will keep on going. I mean, if you’re into TF, it’s certainly worth checking out, no doubt; the five-part opener should tell you all you need to know as to whether or not you’ll actually like it.

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