Doctor Who 4×04-05: The Sontaran Stratagem/The Poison Sky

Ahh, now we’re back in business. I was pretty leery of the “Technology is taking over our lives” theme at the start of this two-parter, but that was quickly put by the wayside thanks to severe fanboying.

Sontarans? Martha? U.N.I.T.? Hell yes! I loved all the callbacks to the Doctor’s previous time with UNIT (god, not to mention I can’t believe he made the gas mask joke!) The new Sontaran design was pretty good, though I could have done without all the “Sontar, hah!” But I definitely preferred the environmental message to the luddite one.

Donna is really growing on me. We get to see her being… well, pretty damn human, all things considered. She’s capable when she needs to be, she’s kind of flighty the rest of the time and she has a weak spot for her family. (Her grandfather, by the way, is fantastic.) I absolutely love the ending scene when the Doctor teleports back from the ship, because Martha reacts by rushing over and hugging him, and then Donna hits him in the arm. That’s some powerful storytelling right there.

Also I’m jazzed Martha’s back, if even for one more episode. That ending!

And can I also say how much I liked Ratigan? I was able to really sympathize with him while simultaneously decrying his actions. I got him, man, and I’m very pleased the episode ended the way it did.

So yeah, that was a good two-parter. I’m starting to look forward to them now (although the one with the Daleks wasn’t all that good, so maybe let’s just take things one episode at a time).

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