Pinky Apple Pie

You know, I said I was gonna watch Rarity Takes Manehattan a whole bunch and then I never did. <.< I even missed the opening on the rerun this morning. I see a few more of the flaws this time around, but I still gotta say, it's a really fantastic episode and the song is A+.

So, this week’s episode. It was pretty much what I expected. I liked the song a lot more than I anticipated (I remember being somewhat nonplussed when it was first revealed, but it turns out to be really good overall), and the episode on the whole was fun and enjoyable. I do have a soft spot for Apple-family-related episodes, it seems, and while this wasn’t quite as amazing as, say, Family Appreciation Day for Equestrian lore or Apple Family Reunion for sheer number of Apples, I’m pleased with it.

Wow, that fucking eagle.

I predict the meme will be either Apple Pirates or the Pinkie duckface. Or the wheel duck. I need to write a story about it. Also, I think MacPie is canon now, sorry Fluttershy. And you know how the joke running up to the episode was “ApplePie shippers are gonna be disappointed, oh wait, no they won’t”? Well, my friend pointed out that Pinkie calling AJ “cousin” would turn her on, and things just went south from there.

We’re terrible people.

Rarity Takes Manehattan
Daring Don’t
Pinky Apple Pie
Flight to the Finish
Power Ponies
Princess Twilight
Castle Mane-ia

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