Doctor Who 4×07: The Unicorn and the Wasp

This episode is just as silly as it is brilliant.

I grew up watching BBC mysteries on PBS: Miss Marple, Father Dowling, Jeeves and Wooster, Partners in Crime, Sherlock Holmes with Jeremy Brett. Poirot was probably my favorite, most likely because I was six and he talked funny. (Also, his theme song was bad-ass.)

So when I saw the opening scene, I felt right at home, it was so charming. And then by the time they get to the wibbly flashback wipes, I went, “Oh come on now, that’s silly… Oh wait, I get what they’re doing.”

So yes, a better homage to/parody of classic British detective shows you really can’t ask for.

But did it really need to be Doctor Who?

I mean, if you took out all the stuff about aliens and psychic links and giant wasps, this could actually have just worked as Happy Fun Mystery Solving Time with Agatha Christie. As a Doctor Who episode, it’s a little heavy on the wink-wink, nudge-nudge about everything (at least there was no goddamn Time Lord angst).

The other weird thing? I had no idea Agatha Christie was that popular/important. I mean, her introduction didn’t have the same effect on me that, say, Shakespeare or Dickens did. I’ve only ever read one of her books – And Then There Were None, for school, actually liked it – and quite frankly, I’m just plain ignorant about her, it would seem. I might have to change that now.

Anyway, the worst thing about this was probably the buzzing transformation. That was just dumb. But everything was grand, and good on Donna for taking that wasp on herself. Good episode.

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