Rainbow Falls

Pinky Apple Pie is far funnier than I remembered it being, plus it taught me that Pinkie and Big Mac have the hots for each other. Being a diehard Fluttermac shipper, I was saddened by this, but that need not remain the case, read on.

So. This episode. I had no expectations going in.

I can’t remember the last time an episode of this show was so goddamn hilarious.

Where to start? I can’t start. BULK BICEPS. Excuse me while I write the sequel to a story I haven’t written yet and also turn my failed Fluttermac into Bulkshy 5ever. (Look at how they interact in this episode they are totally doing it.)

New location? Amazing. Tons of awesome new background ponies (including a unicorn who can stand on rainbows? and standing on rainbows is a thing now?) Mostly just Bulk being fucking hilarious. Also did I mention I am 3000% okay with his name?

Plot was a rehash of Sweet and Elite, but I’m okay with this. Since there wasn’t the “lampooning of high society” angle to play (that’s the reason I adore Rarity episodes so much), they used the funniest bit from S&E and stretched it out for two-thirds of the episode, where it surprisingly never lost traction. Rainbow’s loyalty hasn’t been this overtly tested since the pilot.

Okay, so, Meghan McCarthy tweeted like two days ago something along the lines of “I know the exact moment when every brony is going to lose their shit.”

I lost my shit at that exact moment. I felt the disturbance in the Force as thousands of bronies cried out in mixed awe and glee. (My exact reaction was “ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? :D”)

I was right, though: they didn’t say her name and she didn’t say anything but they fucking brought Derpy back as more than a background gag I cannot believe this is real life

Only criticism I have is the Wonderbolts’ role as antagonists, but then I’ve had an axe to grind with Spitfire since Wonderbolts Academy. Which, by the way, I was thoroughly pleased with the amount of continuity going on here. (Although, if we were to characterize the Wonderbolts’ relationship with Dash as a romantic relationship, they would at this point be shouting, “PLEASE, JUST FUCK ME!” while Rainbow’s like, “Nah, I’m busy.” They’re literally begging her to join the team and she keeps finding out that doing so isn’t really what she wants.) Their behavior, though — discounting Fleetfoot, who’s never had a character before now — was rather unbecoming of professional athletes. At least with the continuity happening, Spitfire didn’t come off as quite severe a bitch this time. (Also can anyone confirm whether she had the same VA as in WBA? plzkthx)

Oh yeah, and let’s not forget the griffin team, that was surprising, I’m sure a lot of people lost their shit. SoarinDashers lost their shit during the ambulance scene. SoarinShyers probably also just happened. (Since when can she talk to a celebrity nose-to-nose like that? Maybe she just doesn’t care.)

And yeah, we’ve got Obvious Rainbow Power Box Unlocking Key #2 now, unless I miss my mark. I’m anticipating Pinkie will get hers in the Weird Al episode. This also means Fluttershy, Applejack and Twilight will have episodes focusing on them and their elements this season. Also also, is anyone else thinking maybe the Equestrian Games are gonna be the big finale, with the Rainbow Power thing happening in the middle, so they all go saiyan and then shit blows up? I dunno. It promises to be exciting, whatever happens.

Rarity Takes Manehattan
Rainbow Falls
Daring Don’t
Pinky Apple Pie
Flight to the Finish
Power Ponies
Princess Twilight
Castle Mane-ia

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