Three’s a Crowd

Man, Rainbow Falls is good. There really is nothing I don’t like about that episode, and what little I don’t like isn’t enough to destroy my enjoyment of it. Also I enjoyed hearing all the jokes I missed last time due to continued laughter, like Bulk not being able to spell.

So, uh, there was an episode today, between watching it and now there was kind of an hour-long trek through six inches of snow, so I might be a little foggy on the details.

Part of me wants to say that Discord continues to not be used well. Sure, his role in Princess Twilight was a highlight of that episode, but I honestly would count his reformation (which he just loves to continually remind everyone about) as worse than Twilight’s ascension on the list of Things That Went Wrong in Season 3. That has presented lots of tantalizing roads to explore. Discord?

Well, he’s just kind of annoying. But it also seems to be a bizarrely directed sort of annoying. On the one hand, this episode is just sort of “Discord’s Doing Stuff Show”, and for the most part, that’s fine. It’s what made Keep Calm and Flutter On enjoyable, but it also isn’t much to sink your teeth into.

On the other hand, this episode kind of comes off like an extended version of Discord’s Twilight Princesscameo. He’s still manipulating her, for unknown reasons. I almost thought he had something out for Cadence, despite the fact that they’ve likely never met before. (She seemed awfully calm about his sudden appearance.) But other than giving us a healthy dose of chaos-fuelled humor and a giant wacky worm, this episode was kinda pointless. (Though they’re doing the Just for Sidekicks thing again, setting up the Breezies episode. Figure that’s where Fluttershy gets her key?)

We got some Twi/Cadence interaction, but Cadence was as much a block of wood as normal. We got some lovely fangirling from Twilight and a fucking Star Swirl convention. We got Flash Sentry. (That was a surprise! And no interaction! :D) We, once again, got a whole helping of the mane six being horribly shoehorned into the episode. (Did you notice how it took a third of the episode to set up the plot, and even longer for Twilight and Cadence to even come into play?)

The monster fight was… weird, though it proves Cadence is just as brave as any other character. (I had something disparaging to say about her, but I forget what it was now.) I was honestly expecting that Discord’s game was to make them pull out the flower and unleash whatever was underneath. Instead, I guess he’s actually trying to be friends with the ponies? (Second idea: only he understands Twilight’s true power and is trying to get her to reach that level, either to see it through or to use it for his own gain.)

Honestly, I don’t know what to make of this. It ended and I went, “That was a weird episode,” and that’s pretty much where I still stand. Certainly not bad, but not particularly strong either.

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