For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils

Rewatching Maud Pie, I’m finding a lot more to enjoy but… I still stand by the “uninteresting character makes uninteresting episode” argument. Plus, you’ve got five of the mane six not having a good time, which means I’m statistically not having one either. You know what was good? Seeing Hummingway again. Also, as DeftFunk pointed out in Chris’s episode writeup, Pinkie was totally in character all episode for once.

Also what lives under Fluttershy’s bridge?

But really, it’s just The OC’s Journey starring some kid’s super-emogoth self-insert Mary Sue. 😐 Even if she is cute.

So, Toily Belle (or It’s a Wonderful Sweetie). OH MY GOD BEST EPISODE okay second best because I don’t think anything can top Weird Al this season but OH MY GOD BEST EPISODE

It’s funny, because Spike’s ‘plot’ back in Owl’s Well was something I HATED about that episode, yet seeing Sweetie go ‘evil’ and do something similar was adorable. Of course, she’s more adorable than pretty much anything, so maybe that goes without saying. But the standout here is the dream. By the end, I was having flashbacks to The Carousel Boutique Expansion Project and Gavalanche’s old Sweetiebuse fics and I was just kind of fanning all over the place. Of course, getting to see Luna again was great, as always. I’m pleased the dream sequence was longer this time, and seemed to be more under her control. Also she likes torturing fillies. Also, I felt like something that could have been headcanon if I’d thought about it was confirmed: the one thing I didn’t like Sleepless in Ponyville was how stiff and stilted Luna’s speech was after she’d been so animated in Luna Eclipsed. But it seems, if we can take this episode as anything like continuity, that that’s just how she talks when she’s in the dream realm. Maybe it’s harder to speak, I dunno, but it seems a thread.

Anyway, Sapphire Shores is back and that was amazing. Was her nose that pointy in S1? I guess it was, weird.

One thing against this episode (and this is legit why it’s not #1): the lesson is definitely “don’t assume you know why someone else did something”, but there’s an undercurrent about taking credit for others’ work. Sweetie’s rant about the work she did with Rarity kind of sets this up. Then, at the end, she basically ends up taking credit for Luna’s work. Now, this isn’t quite Mare-Do-Well or even Sweet and Elite levels of “you done fucked up the moral”, but it seems odd. At least Sweetie acknowledges, to Luna, that Luna helped her, and if Rarity thinks about what she actually says, she might come to the conclusion that was the case. It’s forgivable, in other words.

But all around a great collection of some of my favorite ponies, and Sweetie being adorable as usual. Also Lemon Hearts and Noteworthy talked, how ’bout that? inb4 tons of Rarity/Sweetie vore porn

Pinkie Pride
For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils
Rarity Takes Manehattan
Rainbow Falls
Daring Don’t
Pinky Apple Pie
Somepony to Watch Over Me
Twilight Time
Flight to the Finish
It Ain’t Easy Being Breezies
Simple Ways
Power Ponies
Maud Pie
Filli Vanilli
Three’s a Crowd
Princess Twilight
Castle Mane-ia

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