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Yuri!!! on Ice

That was a good series. I think, overall, your mileage is going to depend on A) how much you like figure skating, and/or B) how much you like MAN LOVE.

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Star Trek Beyond

After the fanwanking crapfest that was Into Darkness, I swore Star Trek movies way the hell off.

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I’m watching animated sports

What the hell.

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More Yuri on Ice

I realized today that animated figure skating is the most surreal shit.

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Gem Harvest/Three Gems and a Baby

This week, Steven Universe faces his greatest opponent yet: a conservative!

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Yuri!! On Ice! first episode

lotrlocked: aleasesrestaurant: I grew up watching figure skating, Scott Hamilton, Brian Boitano. So when I heard the new big anime sensation was about figure skating, I honestly didn’t believe it. I quickly figured out, oh, it’s full of pretty men … Continue reading

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Kamen Rider Blade

Or as it is perhaps better known, Card Games on Motorcycles. This show taught me that being happy for any length of time is just a sign you’ve forgotten what you’re supposed to be worrying about.

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