Album reviews 9/4/21

In This Moment- Mother: The second track of this album sounds like Stevie Nicks decided to go heavy metal. This is very grungy and dark, which seems like a very dumb thing to be criticizing a metal band about, but it’s not what I listen to In This Moment for. I could swear their vocalist has changed, but apparently not. But they even managed to take the fun out of Queen’s “We Will Rock You”! Who does that? It’s not until the title track, halfway through the album, that I finally hear something familiar. Maybe they’re just trying something new, but I can’t say I like it. 4.5/10

The-Dream- 1977: This guy wrote “Umbrella” for Rihanna, hell yes I want to hear his album. Have to say, I was disappointed right out of the gate. The first track’s beat wobbles errantly beneath vocals that are more talking than singing or rapping, and seem very disinterested in the subject matter, at that. The overall production just seems very sloppy; it gets better as it goes, but that’s an awful first impression. This guy wrote “Singles Ladies”? Where’s that energy? The rest of this feels generally off-kilter, and again, the lack of energy really drags everything down. He sounds whiny as a result, even when the slower tempo fits the song, i.e. “Wedding Crasher”. 4/10

Dreezy- No Hard Feelings: I wasn’t going to review this, but a couple other library albums fell through. I’m still kind of working my way around hip-hop, you know? Challenging my opinions and preconceptions. And this… this is still just a rap album to me, I don’t get it, but I can at least say, her voice? Fantastic. And she’s got serious flow, if I understand what ‘flow’ actually is. And I did like one of the R&B-ier tracks in the first half! For a debut, this is exactly what you want to release. 6.5/10

Drive-By Truckers- American Band: I’ve heard of these guys now and then, but never actually listened to any of their music before. And this is apparently an anti-Trump album, so more’s the better. But overall, this really didn’t do much for me. Southern rock is fine, and this was fine, but it starts getting really slow, at which point I lost interest. 4/10

Conception- State of Deception: So this is a Norwegian prog metal band, and this 2020 release was their last original album since 1997! What a hiatus! Now, this is as weird as the genre label might lead you to think, but it’s also pretty accessible. It does get a bit self-indulgent toward the end, but overall? I liked it. I’ll have to see what else they’ve done before this. 7.5/10

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