Album reviews 9/10/21

Anna Calvi- Hunter: This is a 2018 album that had a ‘sequel’ in 2020 that’s not quite long enough to review, so you get this one instead! And… wow, this is really boring! Her voice is dull, the music itself is toothless, it’s frankly wasting my time and yours because I just can’t think of anything to say about it. Why did I go after this? 4/10

The Eagles- Eagles: I have never liked (the) Eagles. “Hotel California” is one of my most hated songs of all time. But this, their debut album, opens with “Take It Easy”, which I actually have to say I do like. Had no idea it was them, either. And that kind of serendipitous discovery is why I bother getting albums by bands I don’t like. This isn’t the only album of theirs I’ve heard today, and I can say they’re at their best when doing four-part harmonies. Otherwise, well, I can definitely see this album being influential on ‘country rock’. Nowadays, it’s not bad. 6.5/10

Eels- Wonderful, Glorious: Here’s another band I’ve never liked, but why the heck not? This is from 2013, and their music is still boring and their singer still sounds like he’s gargling with cement. He’s apparently been the only constant member of the band throughout its life, and that’s why I will never appreciate their music. 4/10

Igorrr- Spirituality and Distortion: This is really interesting. It’s one guy, I guess? And he mixes death metal with electronica and like, classic baroque sounds and desert rock and a bunch of other stuff, in really interesting ways. This normally isn’t the kind of thing I would go for, but I’ve never heard these genres mixed this way. For once, it’s an audio experiment that I feel was worth attempting! 6/10

Brian Fallon- Local Honey: This is a solo album by the lead singer of the Gaslight Anthem. It’s all right. Definitely not just another TGA album, which of course is what I always look for in these cases. But it didn’t leave much of an impression on me, either. 5/10

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