Album reviews 9/12/21

All Time Low- Wake Up Sunshine: Another pop punk outfit grows up! Well, their sound, mostly, a lot of this is still angsty love songs. But it’s fun! Solid alternative rock, really fun and upbeat. I even liked the one track with a rapper. I dunno who blackbear is, but he’s pretty good, and for a first time of mixing rap with post-punk, it sounds great. Worth your time! 6.5/10

J.D. Eicher and the Goodnights- Into Place: A 2013 release by an indie rocker from Youngstown, that’s right near me! He’s really got that 2000’s/2010’s white-guy-with-guitar sound, though I’d much rather listen to him than, say, Jason Mraz. Which the third track reminds me of, given its spoken word breakdown in the bridge. Still rather listen to this. That said, nothing really stood out, but this is a decent listen. If you ever wanted Jason Mraz’s music without all the annoying, cutesy shit, check this guy out! 6/10

The Empty Hearts- The Empty Hearts: This is the 2014 debut of a supergroup consisting of members of Blondie, the Cars, the Romantics and… the Chesterfield Kings, whoever that is. And with their powers combined, this is… pretty okay. It’s just some garage rock, not great, not bad, just okay. And it got a little annoying after a while. 4/10

En Vogue- Electric Café: These ladies were still around in 2018! Although apparently, their previous album came out in 2004, quite a hiatus. That said, it doesn’t get off to a good start. The opening track is sorely overproduced, the instrumentals too loud and mixed poorly vis-a-vis the vocals. The rest isn’t nearly as bad, though some tracks still have issues. Still not how you want to start off an album, especially when it’s a longtime comeback. Otherwise, they sound as good as they ever did, but not much stood out to me. 4.5/10

Tony Romera- Introspection: Not really sure what to make of this. It’s a bunch of different types of electronic music, some of it good, some of it weird. Very inconsistent, very strange overall. They can’t all be winners, I guess. 4/10

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