Album reviews 9/22/21

The Strokes- The New Abnormal: Seems I’m getting into the part of 2020 where bands have started to call albums things like “The New Abnormal”. And while this is clearly yet another Strokes album, it’s also very spare and lacking something in the production. “Bad Decisions” is the closest to a solid single here, and even that’s pretty thin. Guess they’re done for. 4.5/10

Nightwish- Human :II: Nature: I have absolutely nothing to say about this album. Nothing at all. It’s music with some singing. The second disc is one song in eight movements. That’s it. Just facts. It does nothing for me. Disappointed. 4/10

Alana Moraes- Alana Moraes: A 2015 album by a spirited Brazilian singer. It’s not bossa nova, but it’s definitely one of those other intrinsically Brazilian genres, and she puts a lot of energy into everything she does. None of the tracks were anything I wanted to really listen to on a regular basis, but the whole thing overall is a really fun time. 6/10

EOB- Earth: High on the list of “I have no idea what I’m getting myself into” is this solo album by a random member of Radiohead. Thankfully, I can describe it as “pleasantly weird”. It never seems to stay in one genre for long, but prog or experimental rock would definitely fit overall. And it’s generally quite different than Radiohead’s output, especially lately, so it’s cool he decided to share with the class. 7.5/10

Gerry Cinnamon- The Bonny: A second release by a Scottish folk rocker. Not even the 1975 are this Scottish, I unabashedly love this! He’s the real deal, I need to go find his first album now. 8.5/10

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