Album reviews 9/29/21

dvsn- A Muse in Her Feelings: Time for some alternative R&B. Great stuff, really. A ton of talented collaborators, and an overall smooth, downtempo sound that’s both chill and relaxing. The tracks blend together into a cohesive whole that’s honestly just very pleasant. I hope to hear more from this duo. 6.5/10

Lido Pimienta- Miss Colombia: As the title suggests, she’s a Canadian originally from Colombia. This is her third and most recent album. I like her voice, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that my copy of the album had a glitch that made it spin too slow. Everything just feels a bit more languid than it really should, which is a weird thing to say — the music was made how it was made — and yet, that’s the impression I have. It was ultimately too boring for me to really want to hear anything else she’s done, which is a shame. 4.5/10

TOPS- I Feel Alive: The latest release from the band that came after Silly Kissers disbanded. I had no idea they had! They’ve devolved to pretty impotent indie pop, though. This reminds me a lot of when I was first discovering indie music and really just hating everything I heard. So, yeah, not exactly a great trip down memory lane, here. 5/10

Alanis Morissette- Such Pretty Forks in the Road: I’m getting to her 2020 release early because it’s on Freegal. Thanks, Alanis! 🙂 It’s amazing how much her voice has matured over the years while still maintaining its youthful rawness. Honestly, I’m just really happy to be hearing a new Alanis Morissette album in 2021. She’s got this weird kind of timelessness about her. Maybe it’s nostalgia talking, I don’t know, I liked it. 7.5/10

Liar, Flower- Geiger Counter: This is a side project by a duo who have a completely different side project that is just them, none of which I have ever heard before! And I’m glad I haven’t. This is one of those times when I have to seriously ask, is this even music? The singer sounds like she’s recovering from an overdose, nothing but whispery half-words and infantile crowing. This is the kind of indie music that gives indie music a bad name. 3/5

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