Album reviews 10/7/21

2Cellos- Dedicated: Hey, the boys are back! The release of their “Sweet Child o’ Mine” cover was a herald, and Freegal comes through with the whole album once again. This of course is another collection of covers, as my introduction might suggest, including modern fare like “Bad Guy” and “Demons”, as well as classics like “The Sound of Silence” and “Livin’ on a Prayer”. And of course, it’s all on cellos. Always a good time with these guys. 7.5/10

Alina Baraz- It Was Divine: Debut album of a Cleveland R&B artist! It’s pretty low-key, but her voice works great with that kind of energy. Plus, the collaborators she brings to bear fit in well and don’t overshadow her. That’s how you do it! This was a very nice listen, I hope she keeps on going. 7.5/10

Alaor Neves- Terra em Transe: This guy is a Brazilian rocker, I assume a drummer considering his mugshots. And this is really cool instrumental prog rock, a la Tony MacAlpine or the like. Really good guitar work, and solid energy alternating between upbeat and chill. Freegal’s doing me good lately! 7.5/10

Brendan Benson- Dear Life: The newest solo album by a member of the Raconteurs. Kind of a weird rock album, where songs change tempo or even genre, seemingly, in the middle with little warning. I’m not complaining, it’s honestly not bad, though nothing really stuck with me. 6/10

The Used- Heartwork: Wow, does anyone even remember the Used in 2020? Well, if anyone cares, they’re still yelling about stuff over what are, admittedly, some pretty sick hard rock riffs. Doing a little My Chemical Romance, even a little, ugh, Justin Beiber? But apart from being the rare hard rock album you can dance to, this is just something I listened to. 4.5/10

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