Album reviews 10/22/21

Maddy Jane- Not All Bad or Good: This is the debut album of an Australian singer-songwriter. She’s a pretty cool indie rocker! She’s got a bright voice and an upbeat presentation, and the songs range from pounding rockers to slower, more introspective fare. Mix in a bunch of memorable hooks and melodies, and you’ve got a lovely little album from an artist who’s obviously worth watching! 7.5/10

Blake Mills- Mutable Set: This is the kind of music that just makes me want to punch someone, probably the artist. Warbly, slow, quiet, and spare, it’s the audio equivalent of that weird, pasty quiet kid who always sat by himself at lunch. Ugh, I hate it so much. 4/10

I Break Horses- Warnings: What a band name. This is technically classed as shoegaze, and though I feel like it’s not quite dreamy enough to fully occupy the genre, that does explain how they could have a 9-minute opening and I literally just never realized it was going on for that long. I liked “I’ll Be the Death of You”, but I imagine this is the kind of music people think of when they say they don’t like shoegaze. Because those people exist, right? 4.5/10

Purity Ring- Womb: Purity Ring are always cool. This is calm and dreamy, but maybe a little too calm? A lot of the songs are quite repetitive and feel like they go on for rather a while. It at least has a strong ending, that can make up for a lot. 6.5/10

Hayley Williams- Petals for Armor: The solo debut by the lead singer of Paramore! I have to wonder how Paramore fans reacted to this, cuz it sure as hell ain’t a Paramore album. Artsy and weird and experimental, I would almost say completely inaccessible to the average music fan. Including, y’know, me. I have no idea what she was going for here, though it certainly could have been far less listenable, at least. At least there’s “Over Yet”. 5.5/10

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