Album reviews 11/17/21

Touching- littleworlds: Another neat album of slow jams from the dude with the deep, full voice. I never quite get excited for Touching albums, but I always listen to them, and they’re always rewarding. You just have to be ready to take things easy for a while. 6.5/10

Ataraxia- Shades of Living Light: I often think of Ataraxia as “music you can sleep to”, and that would be disingenuous if not for the fact that he called himself “Ataraxia”. Seriously, look it up. But on this album, along with the calm, soothing pianos and strings, there’s a lot of melody and even energy that make it worth actually listening to while awake. Definitely one of his best releases to date. 7/10

Juan Sánchez- Sands of Time: More calming piano music! (Hilariously, this album features a song called “Ataraxia”. Coincidence?) Everything I said about the last album can be said about this one. It’s very cool that he puts his music up for free download on his website, too. 7/10

Goto80- Hardcore Family: Y’know, I wasn’t going to review this because I rarely have anything to say about weird hardcore music. But then this just kept getting weirder. From the track that just sounds like slurping to the chopped and screwed version of “Informer”, all I could do was keep repeating “what the fuck am I listening to?” The cover art of this album isn’t just there to be silly or provocative: it is an accurate visual representation of everything that lies within. If that doesn’t get the right people listening to this, I don’t know what will. 6/10

Ryan Farish- Rhythm of the Seasons: Man, this guy just released an album in June! And I don’t have much to say about this one, save that it’s quite a lovely piece of electronica. Lots of variety in style, instrumentation and tempo. A really good listen, and I especially love the final track! 8.5/10

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