Album reviews 1/19/22

Goto80- Lo Fi Mono Festival: This is pretty short, but I wanted to include it because when I come at an album titled Lo Fi Mono Festival, I do not expect to have a good time. This was fun from the word go, far heavier on the “festival” than the “lo fo mono”. And that part’s not even that bad, really! This includes a couple video game covers, from Super Mario Land and the original Mega Man, and they sound great like this. So yeah, short but sweet, an unexpected hit. 8.5/10

Albania- Por Si la Moscas: I have never heard a Spanish-speaking band play late 90’s alt-rock like this before. It’s also got some hallmarks of alt rock anime openings, but of course this is a thing all their own. It is a bit on the slower side, but that’s really fine. This is one of those surprises that makes listening to Freegal so rewarding. 7.5/10

aivi & surasshu- The Black Box: Yo, aivi & surasshu have a Bandcamp! They did the music for Steven Universe, that’s awesome! 😀 Fittingly, this 2013 release is a lovely collection of soft chiptune and piano tracks, including, surprisingly, a couple video game covers, like the classic “Lonely Rolling Star”. This is fun and upbeat and energetic, just a really good time all around. 7.5/10

Alestorm- Curse of the Crystal Coconut: Oh boy, these guys again. They’re just here to have a good time, as they say, and if you’ve experienced their brand of goofy pirate metal before, you’ll know what you’re in for. They do a whole lot of screwing around, though, experimenting with things like hip-hop and chiptune, which you definitely will not have expected. The really weird part is the “16th Century version” of the songs, more of which appear on the deluxe version, which are totally chiptune with crappy vocal quality. Not sure that’s what music sounded like in the 16th century. 6.5/10

Shayla McDaniel- Take Care: Shayla McDaniel is a really cool artist, I’m glad I get to talk about her a little here. This is an upbeat, funky album, and really shows off her fantastic voice. It includes awesome tracks like “Definitive Unknowns”, definitely check that one out. This is soulful, often emotional, yet it’s not afraid to be excited and a little playful at the same time. Great introduction to the artist if you’ve never heard her before, check this out. 8.5/10

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2 Responses to Album reviews 1/19/22

  1. goto80 says:

    😀 The title plays on the Hi Fi Stereo Festival easy listening compilations from the 1970’s. It was an obscure reference 20 years ago when I first released this, and by now it’s pretty much an invalid reference I guess. Thanks for listening and thanks for reviewing music in general. A good treat for the world!

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